The Bower is quirky. Eccentric. Walk to the fish pond. Seat yourself under the mushroom. Breathe in the woods. Enjoy the vibe and sculptures which adorn the makers space, Summer Shop. Kayak. Mountain Bike. Walk in the woods. The expansive trail system is here for the quiet enjoyment of nature. Bathe yourself in the Carolinian forest. Watch sap suckers feed on sugar berry trees in the canopy outside your window. Feel the peace. Dig the night sky. 

The Bower began as a telescope platform above a working metal art studio. Star gazing enthusiasts would gather with telescopes above, while the sparks flew below. With the advent of digital satellite dishes, giant aluminum dishes and poles needed to be removed at trailer sites all over town. Lyle hired himself out as a "satellite dish arborist." The bedroom ceiling at the Bower is made from a satellite dish. It also has a vast kitchen, a cozy woodstove and an awesome laundry room.


Guest INFO

We give you the access code and you are in. You never have to see us. Guests are free to wander the grounds, including the metal shop which adjoins the Bower. Summer Shop gave birth to Moncure Chessworks, and Piedmont Biofuels.

We're happy to help line up kayaking, or bikes for rent, to make your stay more enjoyable.

Other things to note

We are very close to Pittsboro (6 miles away). We try as hard as possible to be eco-friendly. That means using non-toxic cleaners, and bath items. We have composting and recycling. Our furnishings are from antique fairs or gently used items...shabby chic. We very much want to preserve our beautiful natural habitat.