The Bower AIR BNB

The Bower is quirky. Eccentric. Walk to the fish pond. Seat yourself under the mushroom. Breathe in the woods. Enjoy the vibe and sculptures which adorn the makers space, Summer Shop. Kayak. Mountain Bike. Walk in the woods.

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Branches Ecological Landscapes

An edible and regenerative landscape design/build company, serving the Triangle with a passion for beauty and sustainable food production.  We contribute to creating a new food paradigm on the local level by helping individuals grow their own food permaculturally. Learn more


LOcal Crafts Folk

Here amongst us we have a number of skilled, talented craft folk. Get in touch with them if you need something special. 

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Njathi Kabui is an internationally celebrated organic chef, urban farmer, and food activist. He was born in rural Kenya to a coffee farmer mother and restaurant owner father, both of whom took an active role in the Kenyan independence movement. He now leverages his rich legacy by sharing his extensive knowledge of farming, culinary skills, and food justice as he travels across America, Europe, and Africa. He is committed to changing the way society views food, justice, and sustainability.

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Zortacular is a builder with wide ranging skills in renovation, building and landscaping.

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Hempsmith is a mission-driven sustainable hemp clothing company devoted to the mission of spreading a love for hemp, the Earth and freshness around the world.

Our goal is to provide fine, ethical products and work to protect this garden planet by returning hemp to the people. All of our product is made in America and 100% organic.

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