Green Burial 

Within six week's of each other, Zafer Estill (age 19) and Chris Lucash (age 54) died. In the wake of Zafer's unexpected and sudden death, and Chris's year long decline and home dying from ALS - followed by powerful, village-tended burials, we started a Green Burial Ground which is open to public burials and visitation. We are honored to provide this service; we know the power and healing in caring for our own dead, a sacred responsibility. 

The burial ground is approximately 2 acres adjacent to Sparkroot Farm and administered by Sparkroot's Director, Alisa Esposito and her colleague, Cathy "Brooksie" Edwards (director of heart2heart death and dying services), both Death Doulas who tended to Chris's dying time while he was seriously ill with ALS. Brooksie also served as co-ceremonialist in the Funeral Service. 

Sanctuary at the Burrow Burial Ground is now open.  



We are available to consult with you in questions and concerns about home dying, home vigils and green burials.



Alisa, Tami and Brooksie can help with coordinating services from simple burial, to ceremonialists and musicians. 




Cathy Brooksie Edwards helps individuals, families and communities navigate the living path from diagnosis to death and beyond through partnering non-profit, heart2heart.

You may contact Alisa at 919-545-6377 - and visit heart2heart’s website - to learn more about home dying, home funerals and planning a green burial.