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The Invisible Path - Finding Home - Weekend with Mac Macartney


THE INVISIBLE PATH - WALKING HOME with MAC MACARTNEY, International Speaker, Author and Changemaker 

Oct 25, 26 and 27 (Friday, 6pm thru Sunday, 4 pm)

at Sparkroot Farm, 4.5 miles from the Pittsboro Courthouse Circle



The Invisible Path reaches out ahead, beckoning, inviting. It holds the keys to empowerment, guides us towards self-responsibility, self-leadership, self-awareness, and deep loving connectedness with life. It is by nature elusive, mysterious, glimpsed, ephemeral and unproven. It is a warrior’s way, a peacemaker’s way, a joyful, soulful, and profoundly regenerative way to finding Home.

Name your tribes!' he said. 'NAME YOUR TRIBES!!' Outside the wind howled, choked, and bellowed. Inside I was tearing apart. 'You are a broken people, yet you long to find healing. You have lost your courage. You will not find your heart in Tibet. You have to search. Take your offering to the trees, to the river, to the mountain. Speak your grief, speak of your longing, speak of the home you dimly remember. You too have ancestors who once stood in awe of our Mother Earth. The sacred wells, the oak groves, the great stones are calling you. When you begin to walk the ancient trackways and listen for the old songs, you will awaken the land, you will awaken the people, you will awaken yourself. You will come alive, and this land will once more be named as She is ......... SACRED.' Then softly, 'I said, sacred'.........”


Mac MacCartney joins Sparkroot all the way from Devon, UK. Mac is a highly sought after speaker, teacher and changemaker. Founder of Embercombe, and author of The Children's Fire, Heartsong of a People, Mac seeks to inspire the emergence of the leader in each of us, the leader who will take courageous action for a better world. Championing A New Story of Sustainability lies at the heart of this. Mac intertwines themes rarely associated with each other – the quest for meaning and purpose, organisational leadership, nature, identity and the role of ordinary people in shaping a future fit for generations to come. Mac’s purpose is to touch hearts, fire imagination and invite courageous action to better serve our world. Visit Mac's website HERE.

Support-facilitated by Sparkroot Director, Alisa Esposito


Alisa Esposito directs Sparkroot, a gathering place for wondering about what it means to be a modern human in these strange and troubling times. How might we revive our imaginations, decolonize our minds, and make our way toward a more beautiful world for our children’s children? Alisa is a dedicated traveler of the West’s many dark and winding rabbit holes - you can find her writing, painting mythic portraiture or popping seeds in the soil at Sparkroot’s permaculture farm, or studying at such renegade learning halls as Stephen Jenkinson’s Orphan Wisdom School and Martin Shaw’s School of Myth. Before her husband’s death by the industrial disease ALS, Alisa worked many years in wildlife conservation and field biology, with animals ranging from wolves, to woodpeckers, parrots to martins. She now offers her shoulder to restorative projects such as Go Conscious Earth, protecting rainforest, indigenous land rights and wildlife habitat. Alisa also works in green burial and death culture change and as a permaculture teacher.

Tickets available HERE


Friday, Oct 25:

6 - 9 pm meet, gather, begin…. Followed by bonfire.

Saturday, October 26:

9:30 am til noon w Mac

NOON - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 - 4 pm w Mac

6 pm Catered dinner from Angelinas’s Kitchen, meat and vegan options. Followed by bonfire.

Sunday, October 27:

9:30 til noon w Mac

Noon - 1:30 Lunch

1:30 - 4 pm Closing w Mac

Gastronomic Concerns:

Friday evening: light refreshments offered

Saturday morning: light breakfast (coffee, tea, toast, granola, fruit etc)

Saturday noon: bring your own lunch

Saturday dinner: 6 pm Catered: both meat and vegan offerings, included in ticket price

Sunday morning: light breakfast offered (coffee, tea, toast, granola, etc)

Sunday noon: bring your own lunch


Sparkroot offers camping (book at, tours of our permaculture farm, woodland wandering and more on our beautiful hilltop Chatham acreage. We look forward to gathering with you for this incredible event! 

Questions? Contact Alisa: / 919-545-6377