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Deep Time Dreaming

Sparkroot is hosting an evening for community gathering around myth across cultures. This is an opportunity for members of our community to learn their own ancestral stories and share with each other. An opportunity for the gathering in and tending to our old ways and stories. Remembering how to be human again, around the fire, at the sunset hour. We will begin with a potluck (bring a dish to keep us going!), and after our bellies are full, our hearts will fill with the tales of Gikuyu (Kenyan) as told by Njathi Kabui, Bantoma tribe (Congo) told by Godi Godar, a Norse tale as told by Chris Walker, A Scandinavian tale as told by Alisa Esposito, an Aztec tale as told by Pepe Caudillo, and a Chinese Tale as told by Derek Stephens. Thanks for to all for digging deep into learning so we may hear the telling. We will be joined by the drums between stories, thanks for Noah Lucash and Luke McMullan. Seats are limited and donations to Sparkroot are gratefully accepted.