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The World Needs Your Rebellion - Weekend with Tom Cheetham

Who we understand ourselves to be is shaped by culture.

The world we inhabit is made first in imagination, then through action.  We’ve allowed a system to emerge that nudges us toward assimilation and compliance. While there is always conflict between open exploration and desire to conform, conformism usually wins out simply because it’s easier.

What we need in response is rebellion. 

We must to tend our courageous inner fires, and refuse succumbing to dogma, stasis and oppression, as we respond to the spiritual project of our troubles times.

Henry Corbin, master of Imagination, named an "Angel out ahead" who leads us through the metamorphosis of our lives. We are at our best while living on the edge of chaos, and true living begins in maintaining equilibrium between dynamic order and disorder. This equilibrium is very difficult to acheive as we are pushed and pulled by the tides of conventional wisdom and our own perception. Unless we are vigilant, we find ourselves living in a world made by other people. And if we lose our ability to pay attention and free our imaginations, then we have lost our purposeful place in a soul-full world. Let's not let that happen.

Join us to Revive your Imagination and Reclaim Soul. 

Friday Evening:  7-9 pm (join us afterward around the fire)

Saturday (10 am - 4pm) *bring your own lunch


TOM CHEETHAM is an ecologist and author of five books on mythic/poetic imagination in religion, psychology, and the arts and sciences: including Imaginal Love, All the World an Icon and Green Man, Earth Angel. He is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy in London and was Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Wilson College. He teaches and lectures in the US and Europe and lives with his family on a homestead in rural Maine. 

WANT TO CAMP? Sparkroot offers camping space! Contact us to enquire about grabbing a space for a weekend of magic carpet rides on the farm with Tom Cheetham and the Sparkroot crew. 

*Nearby hotels and airbnb’s can be found in Moncure, Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill and Carrboro.