Being Human Together


Sparkroot is sits atop a wooded hill on 6 acres of North Carolina’s Piedmont. We manage our garden permaculturally, restoring soils and growing food together. Our children experience holistic education by parent-led collective. We tend our community’s green burial ground, and organize gatherings around culture, decolonization and imagination. We’re exploring myth, folklore and poetry, making music and telling stories, thinking dangerous ideas, and taking imagination seriously as we wonder what makes a human being in this modern world.


Upcoming EVents

Sparkroot gathers people together to explore what it is to be human in the modern western world. We bring teachers and authors, thought leaders and culture changers to our hilltop farm creating beautiful, intimate events that crack open the authorized version of the way things are, and get us wondering together again about it all might be.

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Our collective of homeschoolers, artists, musicians and storytellers gathers around to learn, play music, sing and cook together. Our shaggy village-minded collective of home-learning children meets three days a week in our meeting space, open to supporters and teaching events throughout the year.

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